Where are you located?

I am based in London E3. 

How long does the trial last?

I do not like to put a time scale on the trial as it can be as long as you need it to be to get your perfect look.  However, I would recommend allowing between 2 and 4 hours depending on how many styles you would like to try.

How long should I allow for each service on my wedding day?

I like to allow between 45 minutes and an hour per service.  Please take account of this when considering your booking.

I am very honest and will tell you straight away what is possible and what is not.

Depending on the time of your ceremony and the size of your bridal party I might recommend hiring a separate hairstylist for your bridesmaids so that we can work in tandem. 

In some circumstances I might recommend having a colleague help me.

I am very happy to discuss timings for your day so please do get in touch.   

How does the day itself tend to run?

In advance of the wedding I will send you a schedule for your approval.  

On the morning itself, I arrive at the pre agreed time and set up.  I then work through the schedule ensuring each member of your party has their allotted hair/makeup session.

Once everyone has had their appointment I will stay with you until you leave so that you can all have a touch up and feel 100% prepared to head out the door.

What are your travel charges?

Driving charges:

For all appointments that are beyond 10 miles of London E3 a travel charge of £0.50 per mile will be added to the final invoice.  Any additional parking charges will also be added.

For travel within 10 miles of London E3 the standard travel fee does not apply.  However, additional parking and congestion charge fees will be added to the final invoice.


Public transport:

For appointments that are reached by public transport including train and taxi travel, all journey fees will be added to the final invoice.

How far are you happy to travel?

I am happy to travel anywhere in the UK or Internationally.  I have to be realistic in terms of the distance I travel on the morning of the wedding so for distance beyond 70 miles I would generally prefer to arrive the night before to ensure I am in the right place at the right time.

In these circumstances overnight accommodation would be required and added to the final invoice.

However, I always happy to discuss your individual needs and depending on the time of the ceremony / size of your party we may be able to work out an alternative to suit you. 

Do you offer discounts?

My price list has been carefully structured with many factors in mind including insurance and running costs, my experience, time etc.  For this reason, I do not offer discounts.  Kindly do not request price changes.


What products do you use?

I have a mix of products in my kit.  Brands include MAC, Yves Saint Laurent, Chanel, Smashbox, Keihls, Benefit, Nars, Liz Earle, Giorgio Armani.  If there are any particular products you like or know your skin reacts to please let me know in advance so I can tailor my kit to your specific needs.

Destination weddings?

I love working on destination weddings.  Who wouldn’t like to be invited abroad for a few days?

Destination weddings are charged at my standard pricing with a few additions.

-      All flights – outbound and inbound

-      Check in baggage – outbound and inbound

-      Transfers to and from UK airports

-      A hire car for the duration of my trip to be picked up and dropped off at the destination airport and 5any parking fees

-      Where a hire car is not possible/available pre-booked taxi transfers are required to and from the destination airport and to and from venues

-      Accommodation

-      Daily £40 expenses (excluding the day of the event)


What is the best way to contact you?

 My preferred form of contact is email.  This way I have all our communication together and I can refer back to it when necessary and double check any details.

You can also reach me on my mobile after initial email contact which you can make either via the form on my contact page or directly at